Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gift of Love

My life has never been busier, and in the midst of it all, Sarah Beth Lott entered our world on January 18th. She came a few days before my birthday and was indeed a gift of love between my son, Jared and his wife, Amy. As always, I am awed by a new baby and consider it one of the greatest miracles that God has created. What could be more delicate and infinitely made? What grandparent would not love this tiny 5 lb. 6 oz. baby that decided to arrive 3 wks. early? What dreams and desires must her parents have for her already? What tenderness pulls on the hearstrings when I hold her close and breathe in her sweet baby smell? Sweet Sarah is what I call her and she has captivated my heart. This is the baby of my baby--what an odd feeling...flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone.
This is the 4th grandchild for us and I was so excited when I first saw her, that the nurse thought it was our first grandchild. No! Each one is uniquely and divinely made. God knew each one before they were born. That's incredible enough to bring tears to my eyes. So here's to Sweet Sarah and to my other equally precious grandchildren, Maggie, Angelina, and Peter. I love you all! Mimi --Isaiah 44:24