Friday, February 19, 2010


Brrr...Baby's it's cold outside!

Atlanta's snow storm last week was incredibly beautiful. Look at our gazebo in the neighborhood covered with snow. So pretty! Hard to believe that I normally stop here on my walk and listen to the gurgle of the creek behind it. Of course, now it's melted and a little bit warmer, which tells me spring is not far off because I've spotted bluebirds in our back yard.
While I've been working on my new series this week, I've taken a break to guest blog for Petticoats And Pistols. I'm tickled that they asked me to guest blog and my post will be up on Saturday. Hope you will check it out here: tomorrow.
Now back to my regular schedule, that includes hot coffee to chase the chill away and back to see what my characters in the "other" world of Blue Willow Brides are up too. :)
Stay warm...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winner of No Place for a Lady

Congratulations to Trinity Rose who won the Valentine giveaway for a copy of No Place for a Lady! I hope you'll enjoy the book and post me a comment after you've read it.

I appreciate everyone's participation and for sharing your favorite valentine card memory. I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful. I received a dozen beautiful red roses from my husband and nice dinner out. My day was especially sweet with a surprise visit for a few hours from my daughter, Sheri and family from Augusta. She gave me an adorable moose statute with a sweet smile on his face. After seeing them in the Grand Tetons this past September, I'm enamoured by those beautiful creatures. By the way, for Christmas she gave me a silver moose bead for my Chamilia bracelet. She really knows how to get to my heart.

Isn't he cute?

Have a wonderful week. Until later,


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It'll be here on Sunday--Valentine's Day! As a child, I loved how we covered shoe boxes with crepe paper and glued hearts, etc. on it to hold the valentines we hoped to get at school. Remember those times?

In honor of the most romantic day of the year, I'm giving away a copy of No Place for a Lady over at Bustles and Spurs today.

Some of you have written me saying you've read book 2 and would like to read the first one. Well, here's your chance. Go to and tell me what was your favorite valentine card that you can remember.
You can read my answer there. On Monday, I'll draw a winner.

Good luck and have a Happy Valentine's Day!!


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Who Dat?

Yes, I'm happy The Saints are in the Superbowl and I'm cheering for them!! I'm not a huge football person but I like to stay abreast of a few teams, especially the Broncos and LSU. So I have one eye on the TV that I can see through my French Doors and my hand on the dashboard of Blogger.

The reason that I wanted to blog tonight was that want to tell you about a wonderful autobiography that I read last week while recoupering from surgery. I met this wonderful lady when she friended me on facebook. Long story short, she sent me a copy of her book to read and I could not put it down! Damaged Goods is a true story of Charlotte Hunt's abusive childhood. It's an incredibly raw look at sexual abuse and the power of God to overcome the worst betrayal in one's life. Well educated, Charlotte is a gifted writer as she bares her soul in this indept look at her past and her present. She's a sucessful national motivational speaker and speaks to diverse audiences in overcoming childhood trauma, women's issues, and is a favorite lecturer for district attorney offices, educators, addiction treatment programs and children advocacy centers.

She is active in vocal and jazz studies and has done radio programs, PBS specials, commercials and an international runway model. I told her that she is a much more beautiful version of Michelle O'Bama for certain.

I hope you check out her website and perhaps read her book if you know of somewith with childhood trauma or abuse, or if you were a victim. Maybe you'd just like to understand this terrible covered up shame that ocurrs every day around the world. Her story will uplift you even in the darkest moments of her scarred life because she gives HOPE and points us the Christ who always loves us, pours out His grace and who was always there with his arms open wide waiting on us to run to Him to triumph over one of life's greatest tragedies. Her friendship is what I call one of those "God Winks"!

You can check out her website:
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