Thursday, October 30, 2014


I must apologize for not posting on my blog more frequently but usually, what that means is I'm  a  hard at work writing novels for you, dear reader, and researching. :) Of course, I took time to plant my fall pansies that will cheer me all winter long. Looks like it was done just in time as Georgia is looking for our first really cold weather.

A couple of things occurred since I wrote you in July. I enjoyed teaching at the Catch the Wave Conference and not long afterward, my mother-in-law passed away. We were able to be with her when she passed, which was special. But that meant trips to Mississippi this summer.Those two events put me behind on the current book I'm writing, and page proofs for my new book y were waiting for me. But I'm back on track with good news! I was delighted to be told that I won first place for Book Buyers Best for inspirational in the Orange County, CA/ RWA! I'm very pleased because this award is chosen by judges from across the US. :) A nice feather in my bonnet indeed!

Speaking of bonnets...I love researching and looking at historical bonnets and hat for my stories. I wish we could bring hat wearing back into fashion. I quit wearing hats to church when I sang in the choir, but now hardly no one wears them. Therefore, I intend to add them more in my books.

Speaking of books...The Trouble with Patience is releasing soon. February to be exact. I hope you've ordered your copy or put it on your Christmas wish list. I'm very excited about Patience's story! The endorsements for this book has been wonderful thing for me because they are all very fine and best-selling authors. Here's the endorsements which I hope will pique your interest in the book:

“Maggie Brendan pens an entertaining romance set in my home state of Montana. She takes the reader on a delightful tale of love, betrayal, and intrigue that will keep you turning the pages. If you’re looking for a good book to curl up with, The Trouble with Patience will fit the bill nicely.”
Tracie Peterson, bestselling, award-winning author of over one hundred novels, including A Moment in Time

The Trouble with Patience is a gentle, engaging romance set in the rugged wilds of gold rush Montana. When Patience Cavanaugh inherits her grandmother’s Nevada City boardinghouse, she soon butts heads with the town marshal, Jedediah Jones. Between the challenges of restoring the dilapidated boardinghouse, dealing with murdering cattle rustlers, and some dark secrets in Jed’s past, Patience and Jedediah face many obstacles in their budding romance. Maggie Brendan deftly captures the flavor of the Old West in a sweet love story filled with suspense and well-developed, interesting characters that will surely capture the hearts of readers.”
Kathleen Morgan, author of the Brides of Culdee Creek series, A Heart Divided, and A Love Forbidden

“Maggie Brendan has created a wealth of memorable characters in this heartwarming story about a determined boardinghouse owner and an equally stubborn deputy marshal. Romance, mystery, and an intriguing plot all add up to a winning combination that’s sure to delight readers.”
Margaret Brownley, bestselling author of Gunpowder Tea and Petticoat Detective

“Yes, patience is a virtue, but The Trouble with Patience is virtually wonderful! Maggie Brendan is a master at tender love stories that tug at your heart while touching the soul, providing rich historical detail and tension that races the pulse. Which means the only trouble with this ‘patience’ is that it’s over too soon!”
Julie Lessman, award-winning author of The Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change, and The Heart of San Francisco series

I couldn't have asked for better endorsements! Hope your fall is spectacular! Don't eat too much candy on Halloween. Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, August 08, 2014


Have you every wanted to write a book or desire to try your hand at writing? Well, if you live in the greater Atlanta area, I have news for you--I'll be teaching a beginning writer's workshop at the Catch the Wave Writing Conference hosted by The Christian Authors Guild (CAG) August 15-16, a top-notched conference at a great value.

I'll cover plot, character development and setting, etc. to help you understand story structure which is the backbone of writing. Another workshop I'll teach is Deep Point of View, all to help your reader get into the head and heart of your characters.

This conference attendees may make 15 minutes appointments (free of charge) from industry leaders, acquisition agents, publishers and authors. All the details are listed on their websites so check it out, it's not to late to register. Here's the link.

If you have a deep desire to write and have been putting it off, hop on over to the conference link where you can read about it. At the top tool bar, you can also click on conference for the schedule and more details.

I'd love to meet some of you there.


Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Finally, I can share with you my new book cover for The Trouble with Patience, book #1 in my new series Virtues and Vices of the Old West. I've been at the ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) in Atlanta so this is the first chance I've had to blog. The cover is gorgeous and the heroine's face perfectly depicts my character, Patience. Revell designs the most beautiful covers, I think you'll agree. It's already up for pre-order, so I hope you'll jump on it and get your copy before it hits the shelves in Feb. 2015. The lace edging on the cover is a nice touch.

Here's the link to preorder:
Don't forget that No Place for a Lady for e-readers is still free on Amazon, and . Please pass the word along and tell your friends.

A week ago, I attend my publisher's Baker/Revell 75th Anniversary dinner at Fernbank Museum in Atlanta. It was great to see the marketing team again, and folks who work behind the scenes at Revell. I got to connect with one of my editors, Carol Johnson, (The Carol Award was named after her :), fellow authors that I already knew, and I met a few new ones as well. It was a very nice meal as my husband and I sat with the body of a dinosaur hovering above us with the VP of Lifeway, Tim Vineyard, and Christian book distributors, Ted Terry, his lovely wife, Marietta, Agent Janet Grant, and two ladies representing Guidepost. Twila Bennett, marketing with Revell hosted our table.

Me with editor, Carol Johnson
The Baker/Revell Dinner
Me with Marietta Terry

Dining under Dinosaur Ribs!

Me with Karen Kingsbury and Kelsey

On Tuesday I was at the ACFW booth helping out then later walked around to see who was book signing and found the lovely and talented Karen Kingsbury, author of a zillion books! She has a new line of greeting cards that she and her daughter, Kelsey, designed. My church's bookstore, The Bookmark, carry them.

With the 4th of July days away, I'm looking forward to fireworks and  a bit of relaxing plus staying out of our scorching Atlanta heat. How do you spend your 4th? I hope it's wonderful spent with family and friends.

Have a safe and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!


Tuesday, June 03, 2014


One of the best things an author can have is a support team for their writing. I was fortunate enough to have a group of girlfriends on a prayer team I called Mag’s Peeps—seven of them. A few of them are from my writing group previously that I’d led in my home. They'd agreed to pray for my current novels and personal battles. I could relate many encouraging emails and phone calls from all of them, but for this post I want to tell you how one girlfriend in particular  who ministered to me in a most thoughtful and unusual way one summer.

Karen Casey is an award-winning wedding consultant, and loves to give people hope and something worth celebrating by creating a special “moment” in their lives. Once, she whisked me off to her gorgeous mountain home, despite my protest, where I could concentrate on completing my novel. Her deck had a fabulous view overlooking the valley and the North Georgia Mountains surrounded by total peace and quiet.

I desperately needed this time away to work uninterrupted. Karen plied me with lunches and delicious suppers she’d prepared. Her guest room was anyone’s dream—white fluffy pillows, comforter, with touches of white and lime green decorations sprinkled about the bedroom and my own bathroom. To my delight, my own private sitting room was attached with the spectacular view of the mountains. I felt restful, refreshed and pampered by this tiny woman who never, ever raises her soft southern drawl but who's voice can tame even the wildest of beasts. With her sheltering me, I was able to get a lot of word count done and write without distractions.
Some of the type of photos she'd send me.
She even got the  bridesmaids at one of her weddings to pose for my word count!
When another deadline looming and other major stressors, Mag’s Peeps started praying to that end. I was also preparing a proposal for a new series at the same time to my editor. Karen went a little further than most. One day my doorbell rang and she handed me a pretty glass jar decorated with an elephant filled with Hershey’s Kisses—a favorite of mine! One kiss for every 500 words until I reached my goal of 50,000 words to complete my novel, along with a card that read, “How do you eat and elephant? One kiss at a time!” Her kindness brought me to tears. She left as quickly as she’d arrived so she wouldn’t interfere with my work. Sometimes I was working so hard and the words flowing that I forgot to “eat the elephant” and she would send me a gentle reminder to reward myself.

Another day, she brought me a beautiful bouquet of summer hydrangeas from her garden. Karen continued throughout my deadline to send me photos that depicted 50,000 words written across them, using her friends or an object or bridesmaids that were in a wedding, encouraging phone calls, and once a brief outing for lunch to maintain my sanity until I completed my novel, Perfectly Matched, which released 2013. Karen truly went out of her way to lift me up, pray for me and encourage me during her own busy schedule but that is just who she is--always looking to spread God's love to others, and impart peace and comfort--it's her gift! There's so much more that I could tell you about her but suffice to say, I'll be eternally grateful to her. God bless you Karen and all of Mag’s Peeps!

What about you? Have you had a special day or time that holds a wonderful memory you had with your girlfriend? I'd love to hear about it. Post me a comment.

By the way all my books are current only sale and No Place for a Lady is still free on Amazon, CBD, and Barnes and Noble . Snag your free e-book today!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Book Lover's Journal

Dear Readers,

Please forgive me for not posting the winner of the Book Lover's Journal sooner. My husband's mother has been very ill and we made a trip to MS to see her in the nursing home. Afterward, I had company from MT and Nashville which was so wonderful to see my brother's grandson who's 2 that I've never met. My brother passed away in 2004 but if he were here he would be delighted with that sweet little boy! It was a great time with family since professor niece will be moving to Scotland to teach at Edinburg University. What an honor and career she's already had teaching at Harvard and Vanderbilt. I'm very proud of her if you couldn't tell.

So without further adieu, the winner of the writer's journal is Amber Perry! Congratulations Amber! I'll do my best to get this in the mail to you this week as soon as I write and get your address.

I want to thank you for taking the time to post me a comment. I appreciate you all so much. :)

Now that my company and Memorial Day is past, I'm getting deep into my second book of Virtues and Vices of the Old West. I'll be getting galleys for book one in the new series mid-June and it should be released mid-January to February. I enjoyed writing The Trouble with Patience and I think you're going to love her story too. I can't wait to get the cover and when I do, I'll share with you.

If any of you are thinking about writing but don't know how to get started, I'll be teaching a Beginning Writer's Workshop in August at the Catch the Wave Conference in Marietta, GA. This is a small conference with a variety of workshops and lots of encouragement and inspiration. If you live in Atlanta area, check  here for details. . Scroll down to see the conference speakers and teacher's and you'll see me listed.

Hope your June is a fun-filled one. Check back soon for a blog about girlfriends that I experienced.

Monday, April 14, 2014


My Dear Readers,

With spring bursting out in its usual Atlanta fashion, I'm reminded of Easter, new births, and just plain ole spring fever. Do you get it too? I find this is one of the hardest times for me to stay indoors parked in front of my computer writing...and you know how I love to write. But spring calls to me, to clean out, spruce up and beautify surroundings or plant annuals. But I have to prioritize my work and chores. So I write lists and try not to stray from the immediate things I have to do between the things I'd like to indulged in instead.

I do have a title for my new booking releasing in January 2014 for the series Virtues and Vices of the Old West. Book one will be entitled The Trouble with Patience. It really does suit the storyline of a  x-vigilante sheriff coming to grips with his past and a virtuous woman who is draw to him despite their obvious differences and personalities. Forgiveness is the key word here and as I think about it, all my books are based on this theme in one way or another. This story was a blast to write, and I've already started on book two of the series.

With that in mind, I'd like to give away The Book Lover's Journal. If you're an avid reader who likes to make notes of favorite books you've read, then this is perfect for you! Write and tell me what's you're favorite thing to do when springtime rolls around. Are you bursting with energy or a slug that needs a few extra hours of sleep and would rather be reading? We'll select a winner but you must subscribe or be a subscriber to my blog to be entered. It's just that simple. So hop right in like the Easter bunny and share your thoughts.

I hope you have a blessed Easter Sunday and celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord who gave His life so that we should have life everlasting.Hallelujah, He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!

I'll be looking forward to reading your answers. Please share your friends that No Place for a Lady is a free Kindle download for a period of time. It continues to be one of my well-loved stories. Here's the link.

God bless you and keep you until next time!


Monday, February 10, 2014


What an incredible turnout for the Ladies tea and book signing at the historic Blue Willow Inn & Restaurant give for me this past Saturday! The weather was perfect too. The ladies that work there out did themselves and treated me like a royal. We had 60 people buy a ticket and then there was a waiting list.
I love the stately structure and always feel like I've stepped back in time. I was in Blue Willow Heaven! Many know of my love for blue willow dishes and how that all got started when I was a little girl. My brother and his wife gave me a blue willow tea set for Christmas.
When I saw the decorated room where the ladies tea would be held, I couldn't help but feel very honored. Miss Billie has a great staff and they worked hard to make this tea and signing a great success.
Me and Miss Billie-owner of The Blue Willow Restaurant & Inn
Our very own bride, Makensy, directing the ladies upstairs. Isn't she a doll?
Wonderful smells led me upstairs where I met Miss Billie and her staff. They spared no expense with the dining area. It was so pretty that I didn't want to even place my water glass down for fear the glass would leave a water ring on the beautiful blue fabric covered table.

Each of the place settings had a key chain holding a magnolia charm, a southern belle, and a charm of the Inn hooked onto the napkin. Our delicious menu consisted of Chicken salad, Croissants, Quiche, Cucumber salad sandwiches, Broccoli salad (that was wonderful),frozen desserts, an array of dessert squares, tea/Lemonade, mints and nuts and coffee. How perfect!
The sideboard laden with giveaways and of course my books!

Me speaking to the ladies

Drawing names for fun prizes! I gave blue willow tea cup and saucer, a box of tea, cookies from Holland and for-get-me-knot seeds. One bag I gave away had a bibliophile's journal. I'm not sure what the staff gave out as I was too busy calling out names. Miss Billie like my gift to her --The Heart of the West Series
She won The Blue Willow Cookbook! I have it and it's a beautiful book.
Carol is a bundle of energy!
 The charms-beautiful~!
 Love the ladies in their hats!
Signing my books
As you can tell this was a wonderful, fun-filled afternoon and I gained new friends and readers.
Many at the end of my talk, asked a lot of good questions. I believe Miss Billie said they will start having a tea once a year. She was so delightful to talk with and hear some of the stories of the years she and her husband had at the Blue Willow Inn. Her husband Louis is smiling down from heaven and how well she has carried on with her supportive staff and surely he is proud, as I am to have met her.
What a wonderful day that I'll never forget. Thank you Blue Willow Inn folks. See you soon for some friend okra, catfish and banana pudding!
If you're ever in GA please go by the Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle, GA!
Maggie Brendan

Thursday, January 16, 2014



What fun news to tell all my reader friends! The historic Blue Willow Inn at Social Circle, Georgia, will be hosting a tea and book signing for me! I can hardly wait to see you and discuss my mail-order brides. Make your reservation today as seating is limited. We'll have surprise gifts and loads of fun and a mouth-watering menu upstairs in the Magnolia Room.

I've eaten here many times, and you'll find no better place to eat down home Southern cookin' as you will here. Many famous people have dined there, and the history of the Inn is so interesting! Browse their beautiful and charming gift shop after the tea. If weather permits, allow some time to take a picture of the Inn.

You don't want to miss out on all the fun, so here's all the details.
See y'all soon!