Sunday, September 30, 2007


Romance thrives once again like the star of Christmas shining in the East when two childhood lives are reunited many years later. Zach Kahler rekindles his friendship with Chloe Weaver after returning from NY to live in Kahlerville.

Zach is looking forward to leaving NY to run a newspaper in his hometown after big city life. Implusively, he adopts 6 year old twins after they pick his pocket. Once they arrive in Kahlerville, they reside in a boardinghouse where Chole is working until he can find a proper house to purchase. The children become a handful to manange, however, but he is endeared to them despite their antics. He remembers Chloe as he little girl whom he used to give his lunch to back in his school days and the affect she has on Zack, now that she is all grown-up, takes his breath away. He must first provide a stable home for the twins before getting involved with love.

Chloe was an abandoned, poor girl and grew up with a wounded heart. Jacob Barton is a demanding employer who is totally smitten with Chole and confesses his love to her. Her response is not what he wants to hear so he refuses to give up. He knows that she is attracted to Zach and makes it difficult for her to see him while working at the boardinghouse. She needs her job desparately and works hard, so she she does not upset his continual advances to court her.

A miracle of love awaits you in the festive Christmas story along with well developed subplots and compelling characters from other Texas Legacy series. This is a wonderful romance to put you in the mood for the holidays. DiAnn Mills creates another memorable love story that will warm your heart like a cup of hot chocolate. This would make a perfect gift to those on your list who love a historical told with vivid imagery as only DiAnn can do!