Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm honored to be asked to sign my books for LifeWay at the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando! I'll be there on June 14th at 11 am. I saw on the website LifeWay has a 10,000 square foot store! Wow! I hope people can find me amid the vast array of books! This convention is not open to the public. Pastors and delgates from many states will convene there for their annual meeting.

Our wonderful pastor, Bryant Wright, is one of the nominees for the presidency. I sure hope he's elected, but then I guess I'm partial. Bryant is a true follower of Christ and Johnson Ferry supports his decision to be nominated. You can check him out at I worked for Bryant some years ago compiling his 10 years worth of sermons into a booklet for quick reference. I was priviledged to work in the Worship and Music office but actually worked under Right From the Heart, Bryant's radio ministry, I assisted in the filming of his TV spots and filling orders for his sermons. What a blast! I also headed up a prayer team for two his RFTH Gala fundraisers. It was a special time in my life that I believed God called me to for a season.

God continues to bless me tremendously. Once I asked Bryant to pray for my sister who has MS and he stopped right on the spot to pray with me. I talked about God's incredible love for me and I told him I'll never truly understand it and he agreed that we really can't. We just need to accept it a gift. I hope you've accepted that gift-if not don't let anonther day go by without discovering how you can.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Want to know more about Wes Owen and April McBride? Pull on your boots and head on over to Relz Reviewz for insight into their characters. I always have fun doing these and Rel found some good pictures to post. I'll return later with good news to share. Here's the link.

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Friday, May 21, 2010


Want to know the real in's and out's of the publishing processs? My friends over at Seekerville are hosting me today. If you're a unpublished writer, or published, or just curious about the entire process of the publishing world, check it out.

Post a comment for a chance to win my new book, A Love of Her Own. See you over at Seekerville. :)


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today at LifeWay in Buford, GA

What a wonderful time I had today at the LifeWay store in Buford, GA! I met new readers and had fun getting to know new ones. Nora St. Laurent, the bookclub manger, was her usual gracious and cheerful self there to greet me for their Fiction Event Day.
There were great bargains of fiction titles today. Good thing I was too busy to buy any more books to read. However, I did come away with another Bible. No surprised there.
Here's a few pictures of the event. Thanks LifeWay for inviting me to represent fiction for your store today. I had a great time! :) Nora is the one in Burgandy shirt with me at the bottom.
Next week, I would like to try to carve out some time to post covers of some good books I've read recently.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This Saturday, May 15th, I'll be signing my books at the LifeWay store in Buford by the Mall of GA for their Annual Fiction Event Day. I'll be at their store from 11-1pm. I hope you'll drop by.

My books are in the new LifeWay catalog out now. Click on the link, then go to page 6 for A Love of Her Own. My second book, The Jewel of His Heart is on the back at a bargain right now.

These events are always fun because not only is the staff a group of great folks, but I get to meet new fans and interact with them. The hardest thing for me is being surrounded by a mass of books that I'd like to purchase, and other gifts too! Last time I was there, I signed with Julie Lessman and we had a blast. She's a great writer and preious friend.

So check out the catalog and mark the books you want to buy (mine too) and print out the coupon. I'll be looking for you. :)


Monday, May 10, 2010


It's all about love, isn't it? If you hurry on over to for the next couple of days, I'm giving away a copy of my latest book when it becomes available at the end of May. Just post me a comment and I'll have the moderator draw a winer.

My Mother's day was very special because it's been quite a few years since my daughter and family have been here on Mother's Day and for once my pharmacist son was able to swap his Saturday shift with another person. It's was a great day to be together, but beyond the gifts, their cards with their own personal comments written inside meant more to me than anything else. I'll treasure them always just as they're a treasure to me. I consider my children and granchildren a sweet blessing from God.

I hope if you're a mother, adoptive mother or expecting, that your day was a sweet one too! So go make a comment for your chance to win.


Monday, May 03, 2010


Like to win a copy of my new book releasing in June? It's easy following this link to Goodreads and enter to win.

Five copies will be given away. You may be the winner! Not only did Revell create a beautiful cover depicting April McBride, I believe you will love her story and heart change when she travels to Montana's Big Sky country.

Now back to my regularly scheduled program-writing and competing Deeply Devoted, the first book in the new series.

Stay dry, if you can. You won't find any dust in Atlanta these days! :)