Monday, September 05, 2011


My first book in The Blue Willow Brides has been released! September 1st, Deeply Devoted landed in the bookstores and online. I'm already receiving reader feedback. One reader wroter:

"You employ some really descriptive and metaphoric language which I love.... My favorites are- He was "deliciously handsome", "stared into the dark liquid", "love was spilling over into her heart", "you wear the dirt well", "she hugged the secret to herself", "the filtered sunlight kising its bank and overhanging trees", and the outdoor smell kissed the laundry with a fresh fragrance all its own". These really stirred my senses.

I felt your intimacy with God weaved throughout the book. You really showed how the love between Peter and Cath was founded by their faith in God and his purpose for them and others in their lives and how love endured through the strength of their faith."

Another reader read until 1:30 in the morning to finish. This is what an author loves to hear. :)

I'll hope you'll pick up a copy at your favorite bookstore, Amazon or You'll find the links on the side-bar. No Place For a Lady is a free download right now on Kindle and Nook if you haven't read it. Click here: or here

I plan to have a give a way soon connected with Blue Willow Dishes so stay tuned. I've been a little bit out of step lately after a bad fall, a broken bone in my foot, sprained ankle and badly sprained hand. I had more than 2 months of therapy eating up my time while I was completing book 2 in this series. To say I was a bit overwhelmed would be an understatement. Now you know why I've been behind on blogging, but I hope to get back on track.

Georgia is dealing with rain and tornado warnings today from the now tropical storm Lee. So it's been an unevental Labor Day. Hope you have sunshine and barbeque for Labor Day wherever you are. As for me--I have a big pot of Camillia Red Beans and Andouille sausage simmering. Mmm...good!