Friday, February 29, 2008


In this final installment of Sommerfield Triology, Trina Muller faces difficult decisions and obstacles when she tells her parents of her desire to go to college to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. College was frowned upon for women of the Old Order of Mennonites. She must convince her father and the deacons of the fellowship that caring for animals is God’s calling for her life. Graham Ortmann, her fiancĂ©, struggles with understanding how she could do this to them when they are about to be married. He thinks her place is rightfully in the home and raising a family. His confidence in Trina is deepened when he turns to God in his exasperation. Only when she begins to take online courses with the help of her cousin, Beth, is she truly being who she was meant to be.
The book is about trusting God to give you the desires of your heart, when it appears as though everything around you is crumbling. This is a well written story that draws you in to discover how Trina will face her some hard decisions as only Kim Sawyer can do so well. One of the tenderest scenes in the book was the defining moment when Trina and Graham express their love to each other in a very well crafted love scene. This last book was a great culmination to a wonderful Sommerfield

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Future Children Writers

New Young Writers

This past week my week, my daughter, Sheri came over from Augusta with her three children and their new puppy, Frankie. We shopped, cooked, walked Frankie, and watched the video of Maggie, who had a speaking part for the PTA. Usually, she is singing in the program. Next, we watched Angelina cheering at school, and she was so adorable. Peter was to start soccer the following week, so he hadn’t been taped yet. Winding down the day before they left, I was having coffee with my daughter, and sneaking a sip to Maggie, when Maggie asked me, “Mimi, how do you get started writing to get published?” Which started a conversation of how I wrote my first little book in the 3rd grade. Maggie asked if I still had my story, and I told her that I did. Naturally, I had to go find it and soon all 3 children were hanging off the armchair while Sheri read it to them. Sheri stopped to comment several times, surprised at the creative adjectives that I used at such a young age. It even surprised me!

The next thing I knew, all three kids asked for paper and pencils to start their own novel. I was more than happy to oblige. Maggie started a mystery, Angelina, a story about an ice skater girl and Peter, a story about Pooh and Tiger. The incredible thing is that this occupied them for 3 hours before bedtime at my kitchen counter and the next morning after breakfast for another 2 hours before they were to drive back to Augusta. How wonderful it felt to be an influence on my very own grandchildren! I know that I’ll never forget their enthusiasm or their talent. I believe, for most people that write, the desire begins early in life. Who knows, maybe one of them will follow in Mimi’s footsteps!

Which brings me to why haven’t I blogged since January? I have been busy with edits on my first book, an inspirational historical romance and my agent is ironing out the details of my contract, while I try to continue writing on the second book. I hope to share all the exciting details with you very soon! :)