Monday, March 15, 2010


I'm giving away a copy of my book this week when you leave a comment on an interview that I did for The Borrowed Book. Here's the link It's nice to be asked to be interviewed and sometimes some of the questions appear to be the same, but they're not. I hope you'll stop by for a chance to win a copy of The Jewel of His Heart, if you don't have a copy.

Presently, I'm working on the first book, Deeply Devoted, in my new series and taking time to read other good books along the way. I'm honored to have the opportunity to read and endorse Julie Lessman's new book, A Hope Undaunted, coming out soon. It's delicious and I'm a big fan of her books. If you have never read one of Julie's books, you need to get her Daughters of Boston Series! They sizzzzzle. :)

I hope to get a chance this week to post about a couple of other books that I've endorsed and are on the booksheleves now. All good wonderful historicals.

Now I need to step back into the world of 1887 in Wyoming today, but it's hard to wrap my head around it after a fabulous Michael Buble concert last night, a gift from my son-in-law, but I'll do my best.

Good luck with the book giveaway, and don't forget to post to The Borrowed Book blog and not mine to be entered in the contest.

Happy Trails,

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I am so happy tonight! My author page and interiew is now up on This is a dream come true for me. To tell you honestly, I never knew it was a possiblity. I think God had bigger and better plans for me than I did. :)

With the 3rd book in the Heart of the West series coming out at the end of May, I have even more to celebrate. Without getting too personal, I've travelled a difficult personal walk the last few months so I needed some good news. God continues to bless.

If you're interested in reading the interview, click here.

I'll be doing LifeWay National Fiction Event Day in May at their store next to the Mall of GA in Buford. I can hardly wait. The folks there are wonderful and so are my fans.

I'm working hard on the first book on the next series, The Blue Willow Brides but taking time to research and craft my scenes and characters that I hope you'll come to love.

I pray your winter hasn't been a hard one---spring will be here soon. I've been seeing Bluebirds poking in the Bluebird box on my fence outside my office window, looking for their home and that's a definite sign of spring:)

Until next time,