Sunday, June 24, 2007

Searching For a Rainbow

Have you ever had a time when you weren’t sure of your place in the world? Ever want to be some place other than your job, or feel lonely when surrounded by people? Have you ever felt like you really were not number one is someone else’ eyes? For certain, I am not unique in feeling this way. It’s like someone looking outside their den window, and seeing the same tree everyday, but then one day they don’t see the tree at all because they are so use to it being there. Too consumed with their own job, and demands of life, people miss out on relationships all the time with spouses, friends and family, because of self-centeredness.

Maybe it’s because we focus on ourselves, and loose sight of what’s right in front of us, being offered, rather than make a effort to genuinely care about another’s dreams, hopes and desires. How often do we dare yield a large part of ourselves to show someone that they matter more than anything else? Far too often we assume we know what the other person is thinking, and we believe we know more than they do about what was said in a conversation or an email taken the wrong way.

There’s a yield sign for traffic that I face every day to turn into our office parking lot. I have the right of way because the sign clearly states other drivers are to yield to U-turn traffic and it is the only way into our office park. Several times in the last few weeks, a man in a black Mercedes would not yield to me, almost hitting me. One day last week, he yelled--I blew my horn, but he proceeded to turn in front of me, then jerking his car over into my lane nearly coming to a complete stop as it if to scare me, all the while, shooting me the bird. Really nice man, I thought sarcastically. Quickly, I pointed in the direction of the yield sign that he had. Let me tell you, it unnerved me, and I was shaking by the time I got to my desk. Road Rage, nothing more, very real. Who knows, he may have made good his threats, because he was yelling and gesturing expletives at me. This was the same man who had done this to me several times this year.

This past Thursday morning, I couldn’t believe that we wound up at the intersection again at the same time. I shivered, he was moving fast, but apparently he had decided to acquiesce to let me turn into the office park, for whatever reason, barely giving me a second thought. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Life is about yielding to others, like it or not, especially if you have taken offense at something you thought someone meant, and you were entirely wrong. I have yielded all my life to almost everyone, but today I want to take care of me and my heart, and not be in constant worry about how someone perceives who I am. I’m longing to be held close to someone’s heart, that genuinely cares about my needs and dreams. I suggest you listen to your heart. As for me, I’m looking for a Rainbow…..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where Willows Grow

My favorite book this summer so far, without doubt! Kim, I simply loved this book!

First of all, I loved this setting, drought stricken Kansas, (much like Atlanta right now) but in 1936. Genuine and good-hearted characters made me care about Anna Mae and Harley who are trying to survive the drought and pay for taxes, but just barely scrapping by to hold their farm together. With a baby on the way and their 5 yr. old Marjorie to feed, Harley leaves in hopes of finding work to send money back to Anna Mae, despite her strong protests. My heart swelled with love for these "salt of the earth" people. Anna's strong faith and God's continual provision gave her hope in their helpless situation, regardless of the outcome. When months go by and Anna doesn't hear from Harley, she remains steadfast, even though her heart is breaking. Complicating matters further, her childhood friend, Jack fancies himself in love with her, and sets out to convince her that Harley will never return.
It was hard for me to put this book down, and turn out the light because I wanted to find out how Anna would handle each turn of events that plagued her. Very convincing plot and well crafted, real characters made this book so appealing. Don't miss it!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Reading

I have finally taken the time to review Lightning and Lace, by DiAnn Mills, though I read the book well over a month ago. Shame on me, but that’s what happens when you have several books you’re reading, along with my writing buds manuscripts. Throw in work, choir, family and everyday things that clutter our lives and it’s hard to find time. Sorry, DiAnn. Enough said.

This is the third book in the Texas Legacy series and a most enjoyable one. After meeting the characters in books One and Two, I felt like I knew them personally, and couldn’t wait to see how the final book compared. Not surprising to me at all, was a marvelous story of grief, faith, love and mystery as DiAnn wove the threads neatly together focusing on struggling widow, Bonnie Kahler, and her angry, troubled son, Zach. Travis Whitmore, the new preacher hiding his own past, becomes a pivotal force in helping Bonnie’s son find direction after his father’s death.

Mills has written a fast-paced, and another exciting adventure, full of emotion and surprises. I suggest this one as a very pleasant summer read for your vacation.