Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Reading

I have finally taken the time to review Lightning and Lace, by DiAnn Mills, though I read the book well over a month ago. Shame on me, but that’s what happens when you have several books you’re reading, along with my writing buds manuscripts. Throw in work, choir, family and everyday things that clutter our lives and it’s hard to find time. Sorry, DiAnn. Enough said.

This is the third book in the Texas Legacy series and a most enjoyable one. After meeting the characters in books One and Two, I felt like I knew them personally, and couldn’t wait to see how the final book compared. Not surprising to me at all, was a marvelous story of grief, faith, love and mystery as DiAnn wove the threads neatly together focusing on struggling widow, Bonnie Kahler, and her angry, troubled son, Zach. Travis Whitmore, the new preacher hiding his own past, becomes a pivotal force in helping Bonnie’s son find direction after his father’s death.

Mills has written a fast-paced, and another exciting adventure, full of emotion and surprises. I suggest this one as a very pleasant summer read for your vacation.

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