Saturday, April 22, 2006

Staying on Target

Since I haven't been consistent since I started this blog, I'm looking back over the last couple of days to see what I have been doing. I have been walking my 2 miles, indoors this week because of thunderstorms. I have submitted to a writer's contest. I have signed up for a writer's workshop in May. I did renew my dues for ACFW. I did host my writer's critique group this past Thursday and critiqued their work. I did start chapter six of my second novel. I did write a proposal for Multnomah that I will proof and send this weekend. I read my new Christian Communicator and Writer's Digest. I did read through a cazillion emails on the writers loop. I did all the countless and endless chores of taking care of a home, chatted with my daughter and my friends on the phone and rejoiced with my sister on the birth of her first granddaughter!
All in all not a bad week when I look back. But one of the best movtivators for me has been my critique group. I was in MT for a couple of weeks, so when we met this week, I was happy. We really draw strength from each other, and the support for ideas and brainstorming is awesome. You know the saying, two or three heads are better than one! All of them expressed this same sentiment, realizing how valuable we are to one another. Besides, they are just wonderful and fun gals to be with, and I thank God for them! about you? What are your goals? Are you staying on target?
Sure hope so.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rembering Easter

Today I packed away the ceramic Easter bunnies and eggs adorning our foyer, next to a huge cross with a purple ribbon holding a small crown of thorns. However, I left the flag with it's gold cross and white lilies, flapping in the gentle southern breeze, in rememberence of my Lord's resurrection.
Although not at my home church this Easter Sunday, my husband and I attended a wonderful service in a church in Augusta. The choir sang with such conviction and enthusiam that it was infectious, and the excitement flowed out into the crowded sanctuary. It was as if the whole congregation was filled with anticipation of Christ's prophecy of his imminent return. I felt a such a burst of great power and love fill my heart, that my tears flowed. Hoping that my mascara wasn't running, I pulled out a handkerchief given to me by a missionary to China when my father died and wiped my eyes. I thought--what wonderous love is this--that God the Father would send his unblemished son to bear my sin and the world's with unconditional love and scarifice. This was one of those "holy moments" when I truly experienced the presence of the Lord afresh. In Him I find grace and forgiveness. I'm so grateful.for praise and worship and how it stirs my soul!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Can't Believe This

I am doing exactly what I said I wouldn't do and don't have time to do...blogging. Am I crazy? Maybe so....and tonight we have to submit our taxes, so this will be the shortest blog on history. But I will be back when I have more time to bore you with my thoughts on writing, life, and people.