Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rembering Easter

Today I packed away the ceramic Easter bunnies and eggs adorning our foyer, next to a huge cross with a purple ribbon holding a small crown of thorns. However, I left the flag with it's gold cross and white lilies, flapping in the gentle southern breeze, in rememberence of my Lord's resurrection.
Although not at my home church this Easter Sunday, my husband and I attended a wonderful service in a church in Augusta. The choir sang with such conviction and enthusiam that it was infectious, and the excitement flowed out into the crowded sanctuary. It was as if the whole congregation was filled with anticipation of Christ's prophecy of his imminent return. I felt a such a burst of great power and love fill my heart, that my tears flowed. Hoping that my mascara wasn't running, I pulled out a handkerchief given to me by a missionary to China when my father died and wiped my eyes. I thought--what wonderous love is this--that God the Father would send his unblemished son to bear my sin and the world's with unconditional love and scarifice. This was one of those "holy moments" when I truly experienced the presence of the Lord afresh. In Him I find grace and forgiveness. I'm so grateful.for praise and worship and how it stirs my soul!

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