Thursday, November 18, 2010


Just popping in to let you know that bestselling author, Kelly Long of Sarah's Garden interview me today. Post a comment to be entered for a copy of my book, A Love of Her Own, but you must go to Kelly's blog to post your comment. She will draw a winner after Thanksgiving. Here's the link.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 14, 2010


Thanks everyone for posting for a chance to win a copy of A Love of Her Own. Congratulations to Lauralee -- your name was drawn from the list of posters!! I'll get your book out to you this week. I enjoyed reading about what's going on in all of your heads.

I've just completed edits for the first book in my new series for 2011, and I'm excited to announce that Revell will be keeping the title for the first book, Deeply Devoted and the series title that I came up with, The Blue Willow Brides. It's a rare thing when the publishers keeps boths the title and series title an author comes up with originally. I'm writing the second book, and I hope they'll keep that title too.

Since I've been so hard at work the last couple of years, I'm taking some time off to go visit my daughter and grandkids for a week this Friday and will stay until for Thanksgiving. The kids are out of school, and my daughter will be free from teaching that week too so I'm looking forward to hanging out with them.

In case I don't get a moment to blog again I'm wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have soooo much to be grateful for, don't we?


Thursday, November 04, 2010


Ever felt like your head might explode? With our new and ever changing technical capabilities in the work place, home and capacity to connect with anyone around the world, with just a push of a button on the keyboard, it can get a bit overwhelming. Everything is instant in the ever changing world around us. Fast foot, instant coffee, or downloading your favorite tunes in a nana-second, instantly prepared meals for the microwave, or you can hop in your car at a whim and dine out even though you may have just remodeled your outdated ‘80’s kitchen to a slick high-tech one with all the gadgets. We humans satisfy our sensual craving with comfortable clothes that have nice textures to touch or vibrant color, cosmetics, fragrances, a hot bubble bath, or delicious tasting food and great tasting wine. But I can tell you what’s not instant—constructing a novel clear out of your head! Just ask me. By the way, these are my antique collectable head vases since I’m talking about what goes into our head. A couple of the vases are not antique.

So instead of “what’s in your wallet”, like the Capital One commercial, I’ve been thinking about what’s in my head and maybe yours too. By the mere fact that I’m under contract, I have to separate in my head the “real” from fiction. Sometimes that’s not so easy to do because my characters seem very real to me. In my head, a novel is going at all times, along with calculating or listing all the things I must do—like laundry that never ends, pulling weeds, shopping for groceries, cleaning the dreaded bathrooms, paying the bills, listening to the news, a favorite TV program, writing my blog and my having quiet time. The list goes on an on. Everything and everyone competes for my attention. Maybe that’s why I like to think back on the days gone by before the big “Super Hi-way” of the internet when people took time to write you a real letter instead of an email, took a meal to a sick friend, or lent a hand to help someone with a difficult task.

Here’s one my favorites thing to do to get me away from everything. Silence. Just pure and simple. No talking, no TV, no music, just pure unadulterated silence. That’s when I can go deep within myself to get to know me better or hear the voice of God. Why? Because you have to be still and listen in order to have that benefit. It does come with a premium. You have to shut out everything else which can make you appear selfish, but until you do it on a regular basis, you might even feel you’re wasting time when you could be doing all the other things I mentioned previously. No worrying about the high cost of living, your children’s home work or attitude, taxes, health care, money, or the newest political move by the government should enter into your quiet time. Just be. Just feel. Just listen.

I read a great quote somewhere by Alice Walker, “writer’s know how to perfect the art of doing nothing so beautifully”. I happen to agree with her sentiments because I’m so good at doing exactly that.

Here’s a few fun things that I do so beautifully….

I piddle around the house when I take a break, visit my local bookstore, lunch with a good friend, seeing a good movie, walking in the woods or a park, or taking a long walk. I love smelling coffee brewing while I read a devotional or a good book to submerse myself in, or treating myself to have my nails done. I enjoy attending choir and learning the beautiful music that lifts my spirits, cooking my favorite Southern comfort foods, taking a fast nap in my recliner on Sunday afternoon, and of course, spending time with my grandchildren at is always at the top of my list. They keep me young! But bottom line is—I have to have quiet time alone. It’s good for the psyche and renews my soul. I always come away refreshed and I can hear God’s voice better, without all the constant distractions. Why don’t you put aside all the gadgets that vie for your constant attention, the cell phones, the I-Pads, and TV just for a short while, or better yet take a two day fast. No catastrophe will happen if you do. I’ll bet you’ll get more things done in the process. What you put in your head on a daily basis is what comes out. Be conscious of filling it with “good stuff” and the world is a brighter place.

So to that end, what’s in your head? How do you fill it with “good stuff”? Let me know and I’ll enter your name in a drawing for a copy of my latest book, A Love of Her Own. Maybe you’d like to give it as a Christmas gift or birthday. Just write me one or two BRIEF things that are floating around in YOUR head in the comment section. Then check back here Sunday night for the winner’s name.

I can’t wait to read your responses.

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about posting about my favorite books I’ve read, but I’ve just finished a deadline for book #4 last week, but that post is coming soon--If the emails, editorial comments, marketing, phone calls, chapters to write.....I'm sure you get it.