Sunday, November 14, 2010


Thanks everyone for posting for a chance to win a copy of A Love of Her Own. Congratulations to Lauralee -- your name was drawn from the list of posters!! I'll get your book out to you this week. I enjoyed reading about what's going on in all of your heads.

I've just completed edits for the first book in my new series for 2011, and I'm excited to announce that Revell will be keeping the title for the first book, Deeply Devoted and the series title that I came up with, The Blue Willow Brides. It's a rare thing when the publishers keeps boths the title and series title an author comes up with originally. I'm writing the second book, and I hope they'll keep that title too.

Since I've been so hard at work the last couple of years, I'm taking some time off to go visit my daughter and grandkids for a week this Friday and will stay until for Thanksgiving. The kids are out of school, and my daughter will be free from teaching that week too so I'm looking forward to hanging out with them.

In case I don't get a moment to blog again I'm wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have soooo much to be grateful for, don't we?



Sheri said...

Yay! You're coming soon!! :)

Maggie Brendan said...

Yes! Hi sweet daughter. Got my room all ready, & the half n' half? I can't wait to see ya'll. We'll have fun. :)