Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm just so proud to give you a sneak preview of my book coming out in June. The art department of Revell has done another wonderful job. Here's a little blurb about the story line.
April McBride has suffered a broken engagement once before and fully intends to guard her heart when she travels to Lewistown, Montana, to attend her brother's wedding. One look around the small mining town convinces April that this won't be difficult--just a bunch of dusty shops, bad service, and ill-bred cowboys. But a run-in with a horse trainer named Wes Owen opens up vast possibilities for frustration, embarrassment, friendship, and . . . love?

Can April and Wes see past their differences in order to envision a future together?

Readers will love going on this adventurous, spark-filled ride through turn-of-the-century Montana.

Releasing June, 2010
Oh man, I can just see this as a movie. Hallmark, where are you?
Happy Trails


This past week there was a blog tour for my second book, The Jewel of His Heart. I appreciate Revell allowing bloggers an advance copy to read and post their reviewss. Thanks to all of you who posted comments on the blog as well for a chance to win a copy. Out of the bloggers that participated, I chose a few links for their reviews, as a sampling in case you're interested in reading them. And I hope you will be. :)

I'll be posting a picture of A Love of Her Own, book three for you to get a sneak peek of the beautiful cover! Happy Reading...

Monday, October 26, 2009


From one pumpkin to another

A woman was asked by a coworker, 'What is it like to be a Christian?'

The coworker replied, 'It is like being a pumpkin.' God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. Then He cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff.

He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, and greed. Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see.'

This was passed on to me by another pumpkin. Now it's your turn to pass it to other pumpkins.

I liked this enough to send it to all the pumpkins in my patch.

A friend sent this to me and I wanted to share it with you. The pumpkin's eyes are supposed to blink but I don't know how to make that work on blogger, but he's still cute anyway. Atlanta had the most beautiful weather on Sunday. For me that's like getting a gift after all of the rain that soaked us the last few months. Alas, the rain is moving back into our area. Let's hope it doesn't rain on the little trick or treaters Friday...but there's always chocolate to look forward to, right! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hi folks,

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about a new interview up today about my newest book on Lena Dooley's blog. Leave a comment-ON LENA'S BLOG, (not mine)-for a chance to win a free copy of The Jewel of His Heart.
Good Luck! Here's the link.

Please check back on my blog soon when I'll be giving a book away in the near future. Stay tuned. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Signing at The Bookmark

Me with my friend, Mary Bowen & Karen Casey

What fun last night at The Bookmark with my friend Dottie Poythress who runs the church bookstore at Johnson Ferry in Marietta, GA. Many of my friends came despite the dreary Atlanta weather we've been having. I was signing The Jewel of His Heart. Some who hadn't read No Place for a Lady bought both books. It's always hard to sit still in the store and not get up and browse to see the latest books or check out the cool gifts to purchase. I was fascinated by an adorable turkey that gobbles and wound up buying it for my granddaughter Sarah. It's just too cute! This is one of my favorite places to shop and the staff at The Bookmark has supported my dream of being published and have held me up in prayer. I cherish them and their friendship. Did I tell you that while I was on staff at JFBC that my entry for the bookstore was chosen? This is me and Dottie Poythress.
If you haven't bought your copy yet I hope you will pick one up. Happy Reading.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun Fiction Event Day at LifeWay

I had a nice time book signing at LifeWay today for their National Fiction Event. They have a wonderful staff and delicious cookies and lemonade was served to their customers. Depite the cloudy skies the store was busy and one of my sweet fans drove up from LaGrange, GA for me to autograph her copy of my book. This is Lori and me in the photo. She's become quite the blogger and reviewer of Christian novels. You can check it out here:

I was very flattered that she and her mom, Gwen (Gwendlyn), would drive that far to my book signing. Thank you both. It was nice getting to know you more.

I also met new readers and Marc Amason, the manager, took a photo of a gentleman who also bought bought my books. So I hope he'll send me a copy. It's not everyday that men will purchase romance books, but I have to tell you, my list of male readers has grown. I'm really happy about that.

Wednesday night I'll be siging at The Bookmark, my church bookstore at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta and I'm looking forward to that. My dear friend Dottie runs the bookstore there. My church and choir buddies have really supported my writing dream.

Before I sign off, I have a new post up today at It's a short article on my recent trip out West. I'll be posting more about some of the lights of my research soon.
So stay tuned and have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow.

Friday, October 09, 2009


This Saturday, I'll be signing at LifeWay Christian Bookstore on Barrett Pkwy. in Kennesaw, GA at their National Fiction Book Event. My new book was just released and I'm looking forward to signing there. I'll be there from 11-1 pm. I hope if you're in the greater Atlanta area that you'll drop by. I love to meet my readers. This is what others are saying about The Jewel of His Heart...

Romantic Times Magazine-4 Star Review-The second book in the Heart of the West series, this is a witty, tender love story with a few adventures added to the mix. The characters are down to earth, funny, caring and have incredibly strong faith in God.

"Maggie Brendan is adept at weaving a sweet love story, and The Jewel of His Heart showcases her penchanct for capturing the Old West in authentic dialogue, in vivid descriptions, and in the struggle of two hearts destined to become one. Within these pages indeed lies a jewel."

Tamera Alexander, bestselling author of From a Distance, Beyond ThisMoment, and The Inheritance

"With its tender love story and vivid imagery of a time gone by, Maggie Brendan's gentle style of prairie romance is reminiscent of Janette Oke, capturing the heart of both the Old West and the reader with romance that will make you sigh."

Julie Lessman, author of the Daughters of Boston series

"For an action-filled historical romance, look no further than The Jewel of His Heart. Maggie Brendan blends colorful characters, lively dialogue, and intriguing historical details to create a memorable story of love and faith in the Old West."

Amanda Cabot, author of Paper Roses

"Maggie Brendan gives readers an authentic look into the past, painting a tapestry with words that draws us into Montana in the 1890's. This story has enough surprises to keep readers turning the pages, and the characters live on in our hearts long after we've finished reading the book."

Lena Nelso Dooley, award-winning author of Wild Pairie Roses, Wild West Christmas, and Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Join me this Sunday morning for a great choral presentation by the Johnson Ferry Santuary Choir and Orchestra, in Marietta, GA. We perform at all 3 worship services and you don't want to miss it if you live in the area. Information below.

I wanted to upload the picture but for some reason blogger won't cooperate tonight.
Hope you can attend.