Thursday, May 15, 2008


Finally, it’s official! I have the signed contract for my book and received my advance to prove it! I’m so happy to announce a dream come true for me. My contract is with Revell Books of Baker Publishing for a three book series!! Yes! I said 3 books! Yippee for me!!

The series title is Heart of the West. Book one, No Place for a Lady, should come out in January 2009. Can a southern girl tame the heart of a rugged cowboy? You’ll have to pick up a copy to find out. I’m currently working on the second book, The Jewel of His Heart and my third book is entitled
Kickin’ Up the Dust!

A great big thanks goes to my wonderful agent, Tamela Hancock Murray for finding the right publisher for me. I’m working with a wonderful marketing team from Revell and a great editor, Andrea Doering, who only makes what I’ve written even better.

I’m still waiting on the status of my option for a movie that I have with StarzMedia for book one. Exciting times ahead for me and of course, lots of writing and editing, so I’m zooming right along since I have a September 1st deadline for book 2. When I receive the cover art for book one, I’ll post a copy of it on my blog.

Stay tuned for further developments for Heart of the West while I bask in the glow of the true meaning of the term ‘author’—‘writer’….Hey! that's me! :)