Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where Willows Grow

My favorite book this summer so far, without doubt! Kim, I simply loved this book!

First of all, I loved this setting, drought stricken Kansas, (much like Atlanta right now) but in 1936. Genuine and good-hearted characters made me care about Anna Mae and Harley who are trying to survive the drought and pay for taxes, but just barely scrapping by to hold their farm together. With a baby on the way and their 5 yr. old Marjorie to feed, Harley leaves in hopes of finding work to send money back to Anna Mae, despite her strong protests. My heart swelled with love for these "salt of the earth" people. Anna's strong faith and God's continual provision gave her hope in their helpless situation, regardless of the outcome. When months go by and Anna doesn't hear from Harley, she remains steadfast, even though her heart is breaking. Complicating matters further, her childhood friend, Jack fancies himself in love with her, and sets out to convince her that Harley will never return.
It was hard for me to put this book down, and turn out the light because I wanted to find out how Anna would handle each turn of events that plagued her. Very convincing plot and well crafted, real characters made this book so appealing. Don't miss it!

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