Monday, February 15, 2010

Winner of No Place for a Lady

Congratulations to Trinity Rose who won the Valentine giveaway for a copy of No Place for a Lady! I hope you'll enjoy the book and post me a comment after you've read it.

I appreciate everyone's participation and for sharing your favorite valentine card memory. I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful. I received a dozen beautiful red roses from my husband and nice dinner out. My day was especially sweet with a surprise visit for a few hours from my daughter, Sheri and family from Augusta. She gave me an adorable moose statute with a sweet smile on his face. After seeing them in the Grand Tetons this past September, I'm enamoured by those beautiful creatures. By the way, for Christmas she gave me a silver moose bead for my Chamilia bracelet. She really knows how to get to my heart.

Isn't he cute?

Have a wonderful week. Until later,



Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...

Hahaha that moose is soooo cute! What is he made out of?

Maggie Brendan said...

Hi Renee, He's made of some type of heavy resin. The same type that outdoor statute are made of. I have to agree--he's purty cute. Hehe

Sharon Abbott Cowan said...

My husband collects and likes moose. But I really wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your first two books. I have just finished "The Jewel of His Heart". Enjoyed all the twists an turns in the story.

Maggie Brendan said...

Thank you so much, Sharon. I hope you'll enjoy the last one in the series. It comes out in June. Blessings!

Tina Dee Books said...

Congrats to Trinity Rose!

That moose could not be any cuter! He's adorable!

I'd love to have one! But then you know why now, Miss Maggie.


Lynne said...

My husband, the farmer, often sees the real thing....those moose are not afraid of anything!

Maggie Brendan said...

Lynne, so I hear. I was standing on a bridge over-looking the creek in Jackson, WY and they were in rutting season. The park ranger was upset because about 25 visitors walked down at stood near the edge of the creekbed where the moose were. He went down and told them they had to leave. They were either dumb or braver than me. Lol. But I can't get over how beautiful and huge they are. So this little statute is my little 'buddy' to remind me of them.

sanjeet said...

That moose could not be any cuter! He's adorable!
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