Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Finally! The long awaited sequel to Waiting for Summer’s Return. In Where the Heart Leads, Thomas Ollenburger has just graduated from college as a journalist after living in Boston. He returns to his hometown of Hillsboro, KS for which he intends to be only a brief visit since he left his heart with beautiful Daphne in Boston. He struggles to tell his father that he intends to go back to Boston for a job at the newspaper when he learns that his father had to sell their homestead and mill. His father insists on finding Thomas a temporary job in roofing until he decides what he wants to do with his degree, never once thinking that Thomas may not want to stay in Kansas.

Thomas discovers that Belinda has grown into a lovely young lady while he was away and he begins to have doubts about the future that he has planned with Daphne—for more than one reason. He is torn between his familiar Kansas home life and the exciting life of journalism and politics of the big city of Boston.

Kim Sawyer’s books always take you right to the heart of the matter where true character is born. Throw in believable characters and several surprising plot twists, and you having the making of a great character driven story. True to her style, Gentle Stories of Hope, Sawyer shows us the struggle with following our heart’s desires and seeking God’s will for the future. I really enjoyed this sequel!


Miralee Ferrell said...

I'm reading this book right now and am loving it! Kim is an amazing writer and her stories are hard to put down. Miralee Ferrell

Maggie Brendan said...

I have to agree with you on that Miralee. All of Kim's stories touch my heart!