Monday, January 19, 2009


This past Wednesday night was my first book signing at my church's (JFBC) bookstore, The Bookmark. I had a blast and my friend Dottie Poythress, who runs the bookstore, was almost as excited as I was. I even have one man reading my book! How encouraging for a man to pick up a romance book! That's Dottie with the blond hair in the picture below and my best friend Kelly. She came to support me. We had a good crowd, some of which had already read the book and wanted an autograph. Our Church bookstore is a very nice place to buy books or gifts and I spend my share of time in there. Just ask Dottie! lol. They have a friendly staff,
eager to help you find the resource or gift that you are looking for, along with some great fiction and the Pastor's Picks.

Here's the link for The Bookmark, (and by the way, it got it's name from my entry that was in a naming contest).

Here's my best friend Kelly, a wonderful writer and you should be hearing more about her very soon.

Below is a picture of Jim Stewart, who said he is enjoying reading a romance.

Hope if you haven't, you'll pick up a copy online or at your local bookstore.

Happy Trails.


Jennifer Taylor said...

I hope my first booksigning will go well. Congratulations! It's great to have supportive friends and family.

Maggie Brendan said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I'm sure you will do superbly. My signing at Borders in March may not be the same since I won't know a soul:)

squiresj said...

I saw your book on Trish Perry's blog and entered to win. It sure looks like a good book. So I popped over here to see your blog. Congratulations on your book signing. Why shouldn't men read romance? It takes both men and women to have romance. I know there are some romance writers who are men. Maybe men would have a softer side if they read romance.

Mary said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the signing. My first and only thus far was so much fun. It took place in Toronto. That was a few years ago.

I am going to keep my eyes open for your book and if I don't find it in a local bookstore, I'll see if I can buy it online.