Sunday, February 08, 2009


This past Thursday was a special one in our family. Our son-in-law, Bobby Christine, was sworn in as Chief Magistrate Judge for Columbia County in Augusta, GA. He was appointed by 8 Superior Court Judges. We are so proud of him because we know how hard he works, and we know Bobby's values and love of his country and for the state of Georgia. Bobby has already led an impressive career in his short life. He attended Georgia Military College, and the University of GA. (where he met Sheri, our daughter), and received his law degree from Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL. Bobby is a Major for the Army National Guard and serves as a Jag Officer. He served in Iraq attached to the First Marine Expeditionary Force that invaded Iraq. The man has more medals that I can even recall. He taught Political Science for Georgia Military College for 10 years. He serves on the parish council for St. Theresa's where they attend church. He has served as the Assistant District Attorney for Richmond County where he and his team were the first in recent history in the state of GA, to convict a murderer without producing a body from their incredible scientific evidence. Bobby also serves on the Chamber of Commerce, and many other committees and is asked to speak at many events, both political and community.
Bobby is a great Italian Southerner and loves his heritage, and is a great history buff. He adores his family, children and dog, Frankie. Everyone in Augusta is acquainted with Bobby. When he returned from Iraq, he spoke to a Right From the Heart Gala, a fundraiser of our pastor, Bryant Wright for his radio ministry which made everyone there cry and be proud of our great military and country.

Bobby's own father, Alexander Christine, was awarded several Purple Hearts for his service in Viet Nam, where he was severely wounded and came home missing an arm and a leg, as well as other internal injuries. I'm sure that Alex's valor and exceptional love of his country was passed down to Bobby.

Am I bragging so far?? You bet I am. Our son-in-law is one of the smartest, wittiest, (I'm no match for him in verbal skills), men that I know. There is so much to be proud of.

Bobby enjoys fishing with Peter, our 6 yr. old grandson, and sailing around their lake in his boat. He spends time collectively and separately with his two daughters, Maggie and Angelina. He loves having people over, playing Wii and shooting pool, and eating great Italian food, and jambalaya. But I think his favorite thing is to drive around in his vintage '65 Cadillac.

He thinks our daughter came straight from Venus and fits in with his southern Italian ideals, and he is, from what I hear, extremely romantic. He is strong in his faith in God, preserving America and keeping traditions alive.
So, dear Bobby, my hat is off to you--All that you do does not go unrecognized! Love, Brenda


Lloyd and Shirley said...

What a beautiful family Sheri has and congrats to her husband; we were amazed how Sheri and her oldest daughter look exactly like you; it is awesome to read about our Colorado family/friends.

Maggie Brendan said...

H,friend. Everyone says we look alike! I enjoyed seeing Lloyd blog post and photos!