Sunday, April 19, 2009


Atlanta is on tornado watch until 3 am once again, but that's springtime in Atlanta for you. I hope the wind and rain won't knock off all the blossoms from the white and pink dogwoods.

I don't know when I've been busier, but I wanted to take time to post a link of an interview that I did for Relzreview. It was posted Saturday but Australia is a day ahead and I'm just finding time to take a break writing.

Click here to read the interview: posted


Lloyd and Shirley said...

I enjoyed reading your interview; to learn something new about your friend is a special gift; wished that we could start reading your next book now; hope you enjoyed your quiet time this morning!

Maggie Brendan said...

Hi, Shirley--It's only 5 months away!! I'm very excited about this new book! I'm glad that you are looking forward to reading it. Have a wonderful week!