Friday, October 09, 2009


This Saturday, I'll be signing at LifeWay Christian Bookstore on Barrett Pkwy. in Kennesaw, GA at their National Fiction Book Event. My new book was just released and I'm looking forward to signing there. I'll be there from 11-1 pm. I hope if you're in the greater Atlanta area that you'll drop by. I love to meet my readers. This is what others are saying about The Jewel of His Heart...

Romantic Times Magazine-4 Star Review-The second book in the Heart of the West series, this is a witty, tender love story with a few adventures added to the mix. The characters are down to earth, funny, caring and have incredibly strong faith in God.

"Maggie Brendan is adept at weaving a sweet love story, and The Jewel of His Heart showcases her penchanct for capturing the Old West in authentic dialogue, in vivid descriptions, and in the struggle of two hearts destined to become one. Within these pages indeed lies a jewel."

Tamera Alexander, bestselling author of From a Distance, Beyond ThisMoment, and The Inheritance

"With its tender love story and vivid imagery of a time gone by, Maggie Brendan's gentle style of prairie romance is reminiscent of Janette Oke, capturing the heart of both the Old West and the reader with romance that will make you sigh."

Julie Lessman, author of the Daughters of Boston series

"For an action-filled historical romance, look no further than The Jewel of His Heart. Maggie Brendan blends colorful characters, lively dialogue, and intriguing historical details to create a memorable story of love and faith in the Old West."

Amanda Cabot, author of Paper Roses

"Maggie Brendan gives readers an authentic look into the past, painting a tapestry with words that draws us into Montana in the 1890's. This story has enough surprises to keep readers turning the pages, and the characters live on in our hearts long after we've finished reading the book."

Lena Nelso Dooley, award-winning author of Wild Pairie Roses, Wild West Christmas, and Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico


Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

Hey Maggie ~

My Mom and I are coming alllllll the way up there to see you! LOL I can't wait to see you again. =)

I'm in the process of reading TJOHH ~ I'm enjoying it so far.

See you tomorrow!
~ Lori

Maggie Brendan said...

LOL! Lori, drive safely. We are supposed to have some yucky rain tomorrow. When I signed there in March, we were on tornado warnings!

I look forward to seeing you and meeting your mom.

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

WOW! You're dangerous! *grin*

We're going to be leaving soon...

~ Lori

Tina Dee Books said...

Have a wonderful signing! Wish I could be there!

Can't wait to dig into The Jewel of His Heart!

Edna said...

sounds as if you had a good time, I have the book The Jewel of His Heart and want the new one. Maybe I can win it. hint hint


Maggie Brendan said...

Edna, the third book will come out in June, 2010. I yes, I'll have a drawing then. I need to have one for The Jewel and plan to very soon.

Anonymous said...

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