Monday, December 28, 2009


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a prosperous New Year in 2010. Hard to believe we're almost there, huh?

I wanted to let you know that my book cover has been nominated for a cover contest on Carmen Boley's blog. You can cast your vote for the favorite covers listed. Just got to Carmen's blog and on the right hand side- bar, click on your favorite cover then submit your vote. It's just that easy. Of course, I hope you'll choose mine, The Jewel of His Heart, which also happens to be at the top of the blog. There's only 6 more days left in the contest. Vote only one time please. Here's the link.

Until later...

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Roger D. Casterline said...

Hi Maggie:

You are one of my wife's favorite authors. In one of your books I noticed you review books for other authors. In this regard I was wondering if you might review my book, "The IKE Disease." IKE is a one on one counseling session with the reader (teenagers) encouraging them to make decisions leading to a successful, happy life. I am passionate about my work because I know it has the potential to help young people. Please visit my website at: Thank you for your kind attention to my request.

God Bless!!!

Roger D. Casterline