Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Two things my brother and I had in common were writing novels and a great love of the West. Jess McCreede wrote seven wonderful westerns. This was his writing cabin in Montana on their "farmette" as he called it. It has been painted since this snowfall, but I love this picture. He was instrumental in where I am today. So honoring the West and him, I'm thrilled to let you know that my website is finally up and running. I wish he was still here to see it and brainstorm ideas with me. But somehow, I feel he already knows.

The slogan I came up with that fits my stories is "Romancing the West" because I write historicals which always have romance at the core while imparting a slice of history. So I hope you'll check out the site. http://www.maggiebrendan.com/. Let me know what you think. Since I love the Georgia dogwoods that I used for my blog, I told my designer that I needed to have the Rocky Mountains for the website. After a lot of templates and playing around with backgrounds and colors, (I hope I wasn't too hard to please), she came up with this beautiful banner and template.

I hope to keep it updated with whatever I'll be involved with that relates to my books for my readers. In March I will be able to share the goregous cover for my new book releasing in September, Deeply Devoted. Once again, Revell gave me what I asked for. It's beautiful! They are letting me keep my series title too-The Blue Willow Brides.

If you are interested in creating a website of any kind, I can highly recommend Tina Dee, the moderator for Bustles and Spurs. She's not only knowlegeable, but patient and understanding to give you the best of what you need. Her site in linked on my favorite blog lists on the right hand side toolbar called The Homestead Heart. Here's her link.
http://thehomesteadheart.blogspot.com/. You can contact her there or leave me a comment as well.

I survived the historic record breaking snowfall in Atlanta and just today the snow and ice is almost gone. New beginnings ahead as I launch into the year 2011 with a new series.

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