Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ICRS in Atlanta

Monday I was at the ICRS, Internatinal Christian Retailers Show in Atlanta. I went as a guest of Baker Publishing Group. I went with the manager of our church bookstore, The Bookmark. I had a great time seeing authors that I knew and meeting new ones. I was able to see my friends Tamera Alexander, Deborah Raney, Tricia Goyer, and Brandilyn Collins, and have enjoyed their novels. I met Melody Carlson and got a copy of her latest book to read. The line for Karen Kingbury was so long that I ducked out, but I was able to get a copy of her book. Actress Roma Downey was there also, but I waited too late to get in the line for her.

I was delighted to talk with Cecil Murphy at the Baker dinner, whom I met about 5 years ago. I so admire that man. His book, The God Who Pursues, is one of my absolute favorites that I read a long time ago, but he has written many books. I talked with Kevin Leman, another favorite of mine, who makes me laugh.

Another real highlight for me was meeting Gary Chapman and getting his autographed copy of how to really Love your Adult child. No, I haven't messed up the capatalization. Check it out for yourself. Gary is warm and friendly, and it was indeed an honor to meet him. I listen to him on the radio.

To my huge surprise, I was talking with Jim McBride, the author of Rite of Passage, a Father's Blessing, before he told me that he is an executive producer of the films released by Sherwood Pictures: Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, and Flywheel. He is the executive pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in GA. I was so tickled to be talking with him.

I met my marketing gal from Revell and enjoyed seeing her face to face and so many of the others on staff at Baker. Beverly Lewis sat at annother table, but sadly, I didn't get a chance to talk with her. I was able to meet Suzanne Woods Fisher who writes Amish. It was fun meeting her since we'd talked online.

The gals who manned the ACFW booth were delightful, as usual. Ane Mulligan, Cynthia Rutchie, and Maragaret Daly were there when I went. Such wonderful ladies.

I've probably left someone out, of this post, so forgive me. Naturally, I came home with a sore shoulder from hauling books. :) But I'm not complaining. So many books, and not enough time.

I've just submitted book #2 in The Blue Willow Brides series today. Yeah for me! It won't be long and Deeply Devoted will be released around August 15th. I'm am so excited about this book.

More on that later. I hope your summer is going great. Right now, I'm looking for a little bit of down time before starting the final book in the series.

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