Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here's the brand new cover just approved for Twiced Promise. It's such a beautiful cover! Of course I didn't expect anything less from the art department at Revell.

You'll have a few months to wait for it. It releases in October, but I'm hoping you will think it's well worth the wait. Here's a brief description:

Seeing how successful her older sister's "mail order marriage" has been and longing to strike out on her own, Greta Olsen answers an ad for a mail order bride in Central City, Colorado. But when she meets Jess Gifford, owner of a thriving mercantile, she begins to harbor doubts. He didn't place the ad to begin with and his business in a busy mining town leaves him little time or energy for love. To compound her troubles, she was not the only bride to answer the ad! Will either bride strike the match she hopes for?

Filled with amusing and awkward situations that will keep the reader interested and guessing, Twice Promised is another sweet romance from Maggie Brendan.

I've been staying busy working on the last book in this series and working up a new proposal for a new series. More on that series as it developes later. These things can take a while to iron out. Along with that, life has thrown me a few curve balls to dodge, but then I know that things arise in everyone's life to take our focus away from what's important. I do hang out on my Facebook author page when time allows, so I hope you'll check that out and you can also connect with me at Twitter. It scrolls on the right hand bar on my page here.

Spring is just teasing us here in Georgia presently, and I hope you're staying healthy and warm whever you live and you're reading a good book by a crackling fire and something hot to drink.

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Patricia said...

Congratulations! I love the new cover. Looking for to the October release of the book.

Patricia aka Mamaw

Hallee Bridgeman said...

What a beautiful cover!

Samuel Nelson said...

My sister is really excited for your book to come out. I got her the first book in the series along with a fire bible global study edition for her birthday, and she has thanked me many times for introducing her to this series. Congratulations on the cover, and we can't wait for this new book to come out!

Maggie Brendan said...

Samuel, thank you for introducing your sister to my novels. I'm so glad she's enjoying them and thank you for taking the time to share this on my blog. :)