Monday, May 08, 2006

How Time Flies

Does time seem to get away from you? I haven't blogged in a while because much has changed for me in a short time. I started working full-time at a realtor's office last week. Partly for the extra money, but also to be around other adults and to have interaction with people. I love meeting new and interesting people. I needed somthing new and fresh. A writer's mind can go to mush, locked away from the world at a desk with imaginary people for company. I have been known to talk to them...hence, you can see my problem.

I know this will probably create utter chaos at home and to my husband, who up till now didn't know what a toilet brush was for! Well, maybe he did, but choose not to. I was working part-time, but this will be a challege for both of us, mainly because I'm a neat freak and don't like things out of order. There's a whole lot to running a home. All of you, especially the women, will know what I'm talking about. Then add to the pile, hosting a writer's group, sanctuary choir rehearsal, writer's workshops, and keeping up with my two grown children and 3 grandchildren, who are the delight of my life.

I think this will get me out of my rut and pour fresh ideas into this dull brain of mine. Carving out time for exercise will have to move to the top of my list. No more long morning walks at my leisure with devotional ideas popping through. Life is so brief, and I want to live it to the fullest, so I'll see what this new venture brings into my life. How are you using every day to it's potential? Hope you are not one of the individuls that spend hours in front of the TV. Get out there and pursue whatever you have been dreaming about or venture out into something new and fresh, if you are stuck in a rut...
Tomorrow, I'll tell you about a few of my reviews.

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