Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Review of Bygones

This is the first in the Sommerfeld trilogy and a wonderful story of widow Marie Koeppler, the rediscovery of her Mennonite faith that she abandon long ago, with the awakening love of her ex-beau, Henry Braun. When her Aunt dies, Henry brings news that Marie’s daughter, Beth, has inherited her Aunt’s home and café, but she can only claim it if Beth lives there for six months.

Her daughter bristle’s at the thought of going to Sommerfeld for six months to live in what she considers a backward lifestyle with no modern conveniences. However, her fiancé convinces her that she should go and stay in order to buy their antiques, then use the money from the sale of her Aunt’s home and café to start their own business.

Marie is not so keen to go because of her tearful past, and the way in which her family disowned her when she left the Sommerfeld community to marry her first husband. Marie decides that she will do whatever it takes to help her daughter start her life with a good future, including hiding the truth.

Will the community still shun Marie, or will her family see her true heart and mend the distance between them? This compelling story, written in Kim’s beautiful style of the gentle Mennonite community with a Kansas backdrop, gave me new insight to the Mennonite faith and customs.
This is an engaging romance and I look forward to the 2nd in the trilogy. Kim’s stories just keep getting better!

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