Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Starting Over

As of two weeks ago, this is where my everyday job will be. I resigned from the realtor world, with a gut-load of sadness. I was lucky enough to work with three of the most wonderful ladies that I could have ever wished for in a work place. They were my family away from home. I miss seeing them everyday and their friendship, their different moods and the days of stress, smooth sailing days, the fast paced days, the pull-your hair out days, the fun, the laughter, the bubble gun we consumed, the constant ringing phone, FMLS uploads, GMLS glitches, and the tears when we supported each other through difficult phases of our lives. I still want to answer my home phone with Thank you for calling Weichert Preferred...

This is a picture of my home office. It has a wonderful view of the trees outside, along with chipmunks, birds, bunnies and lately three wild kittens. It's right off the breakfast room, so we are planning on some French doors for privacy and walling off the arches that lead into the dining room eventually. The TV is too distracting for me. But it's hard not listening to The O'Reilly Factor or Shaun Hannity on Fox. The paintings on the side of my desk are a few that I've painted.
Since quitting my job I have finished a chapter on my second book, done a review, submitted an proposal to an agent, and had my laptop repaired, including more memory installed. Now if I can just get it to recognize the other computer to retrieve my documents, I'll be happy. Not bad for just getting back into the groove and a fresh start. Once school begins, I'll start my critique group back up again since my writing buds have school age children. We took a month off because of summer conflicts, but I really look forward to reading their submissions, not to mention their feedback and support for me.
I had a nice distraction this weekend with a visit from my daughter and grandchildren, but now, if I can quit watching the hummingbirds, I'll get back to writing.


Anonymous said...

Ok...I'm tired of the study...let's see the kitchen next!! :)

Maggie Brendan said...

Hi Anonymous! Glad you stopped by. I do my best to "stay out of the kitchen", especially in Atlanta's recent 100 degrees, but in order to eat, I guess I'm the chosen one. Check back and I promise to post a picture when it's daylight.
Glad you can't see the mess on my desk right now with all my works in progess.