Sunday, December 09, 2007


Today, I’m selfishly going to ask that if you are reading my blog, to pray for a dear friend of mine, Kristy Dykes. On Monday at 3:30, she will be having radiation for a stage 4 brain tumor. Unless God intervenes with a miracle, she only has a few weeks to live. Kristy is a multi-published author and speaker. She is a lively, vivacious red head with a willing heart to help others, and a member of the ACFW, (American Christian Fiction Writers). Her husband is asking for special prayer for her around the world, through many people networking in prayer at the time of her treatment which is Eastern Standard time. We will be praying for a miracle, but if God chooses not to heal her and take her home to Heaven, then Kristy is ready. But we are selfish and don’t want to lose her.

If you’d like to read Milton’s post about their journey, here is the link to Kristy’s blog. They’ve already had one healing last week when they prayed that she would be able to read or write after her surgery when they took out the mother tumor. It’s an incredible story.
Tonight I watched the Sanctuary Choir at my church perform the Christmas Festival and for the first time in 12 years, Idid not sing with them. While I did miss singing, I allowed myself to be bathed in the music of over 200 beautiful voices and the orchestra sharing the truth of God's love and the birth of Christ. The fact is, the Christmas story is a miracle that God's son would be born of a virgin through the power of the Holy Spirit, to take on the sin of the world so that when we die we wouldn't be separated from God. No greater price was ever paid. Folks, God still does miracles in the world today, though we may not be aware of them. Monday, I will be praying for a miracle in Kristy's body, along with many others. Join me if you will, and I hope that soon I'll be able to post about her healing.
What does Christmas really mean to you?

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