Friday, January 04, 2008



I received my copy late, and Kim’s book had already hit the bookstores. Trying to read it during the busy month of December and the holidays, etc., caused me to fall behind for this review, but definitely not because it didn’t hold my attention. As always, I love Kim’s writing style and vivid characters. In the continuing Sommerfield trilogy, Beth Quinn shares the faith of the Mennonites, but still feels like an outsider, especially now that her mother is married and expecting twins. She feels like she is standing on the outside looking in on their sweet happy family and feels a little sorry for herself. Beth is a stained glass artist and opens a shop that becomes a lucrative business after a shaky start, with long hours in her studio away from family. Andrew Braun works for her and not only shares her loves of designing stain glass, but conveys his affection to her.

Her designs catch the eye of businessman, Sean McCauley, and they strike a deal for stained glass windows for churches that his dad’s construction company builds. He becomes more interested in Beth each time he visits her studio, and Andrew openly shows his displeasure. Beth has been hurt before and is very cautious to both men’s attentiveness.

A crisis paves the way for Beth to finally feel a part of her mom’s life again. When she puts family first, she finally learns to trust God in all areas of her life.

What can I say? Great read, Kim, reflecting your Gentle Stories of Hope. I can’t wait for the third book. Thanks Kim!

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