Sunday, January 06, 2008



If I had to recommend one book that I consider my favorite this year, it would have to be Jim Robinson’s Prodigal Song. This book was first released in 2003. Jim’s beautifully written memoir created exceptional visual imagery of his early childhood, adolescence and adulthood, with such clarity that I could almost smell the pines or taste the ocean’s salty air. It was provocative, heartbreaking and deeply anguishing to read at times. It was so moving that I couldn’t wait to turn the page. Knowing that this was a real person’s experience into headlong disaster made me want to shout---No! Don’t do that to yourself. Many passages in the book bring certain tears.

This is the story of Jim’s surrendering totally to God, and the realization that the God of the universe had walked with him throughout his life, just waiting for him to render his life into His hands. In stark honesty, he allows us to glimpse into his very soul that longs for acceptance, longing and love, through just about every event that life affords, to take us further and further away from God. But most of all, it is about the power of grace that can only be obtained through a sovereign God that removes the spiritual separation barrier.

Walk with Jim through life’s greatest trials of drugs and alcohol abuse to find victory and success as God uses him in an incredible way through music and a ministry for many others walking a similar path.

For further exploration, visit Jim Robinson’s website.

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