Thursday, November 06, 2008


November so far has been perfect fall weather and I relish walking through my neighborhood each afternoon admiring the canvas of God’s handiwork. His painting was so vivid that I decided to take my camera along on my walk yesterday. I took lots of shots and thought that I would post one.

As usual, I’m energized and observe the deep orange, brilliant reds, and burnished gold from the oaks, sweetgum, and maples on either side of the boulevard. I think God speaks to my heart through what I see reminding me of his goodness, and the fact that he remains faithful beyond what we humans can begin to conceive or even comprehend.

He does this in many ways, but one that’s so evident to anyone with a pair of eyes, is by ushering in fall with all its brilliancy on time without fail. The cerulean sky is cloudless and bright as I look up knowing that beyond this atmosphere is the 3rd heaven in all its splendor where He sits at the right hand of the Father. I contemplate my loved ones who’ve passed from this life, awaiting the time that they will return to this earth to reign with him right where Kind David ruled in Israel and my soul is comforted. Now, I ask you how cool is that? God said Heaven is My throne and earth is My footstool, from where He observes "the poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My word". (Isaiah 66:1-2). He’s not saying that we should be scared of him, but rather that we take His Word seriously and be humbled at His sovereignty.

There are 3 heavens. One is the atmosphere where the birds, the wind and clouds are. The 2nd heaven is the celestial heaven where the sun, moon and our solar system hangs. The 3rd heaven is where God dwells. He has placed eternity in our hearts and nothing else will entirely satisfy us while we have our temporary existence here.

I’m reminded that my hope is in Heaven and not Washington. Have you considered this?


kay shostak said...

wonderful and love the picture!

Lloyd and Shirley said...

Thank you for your pictures that show us God's gift to us in the fall time with the brilliant colorful trees.