Friday, March 06, 2009


I'll be signing my novel, No Place for a Lady, at Sweet Spirit Christian Bookstore this Saturday, March 7th from 12-2 PM. They are located at 1100 Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta, GA. Frank Hood is the owner of this wonderful bookstore, and I hope that if you live in the area you can stop by. I'd love to meet you! If you can't make this one, I'll post next week about others signings that are on my schedule.

I've had some good reviews on this book and I'm excited to see that people are really enjoying something that I've written. Nothing pleases me more!

Brief update on those of you that have asked me about book two, The Jewel of His Heart, it should be out in October!

God is so good! Now back to work.


Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic book signing! Wish I could be there.


Tina Dee

Allison said...

I just wanted to pass along that I just finished my review of the book on my blog. I want to thank you for having the publicist send me a copy. I was a little delayed in getting it done, but it's up now! I am looking forward to the next one!! Hope to review it too!

Maggie Brendan said...

Allison, I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and I read your review. Thank you for taking time to do that. It was very nice!

Jackie Russell said...

I just finished your book and I loved it! I can't wait to read your second book The Jewel of his Heart. Thanks for the sneak peek at the end of the book.

Maggie Brendan said...

Hi, Jackie! You put a smile on my face when you say that you enjoyed No Place for a Lady! Thanks so much for leaving me a note. I hope you will enjoy The Jewel of His Heart, too!