Wednesday, July 11, 2007

International Christian Retailers Show in Atlanta

All this week, the ICRS is having their vendor show in Atlanta at the GA World Congress Center. I didn’t have a badge to get into the show since I’m not published and I do not own a bookstore, but I did have the privilege to meet up with some of my writer friends that did attend for book signings and we had dinner on Monday night at Steak and Ale. The picture of me was taken with Tamela Hancock Murray, agent for Hartline Literary Agency and Kim Vogel Sawyer, whose books I have reviewed. It was a very enjoyable visit over dinner, once we were finally seated. I met with Tamela at my agent interview at the Denver Conference a few years ago, but this was my first time to actually met Kim, though I had seen her from a distance at other conferences. Both ladies are so warm and friendly. Brandilyn was my mentor for the Denver conference. Others that were at the dinner, Chip McGregor, Terry Burns, Brandilyn Collins, Amy Wallace, Tricia Goyer and Sharon Hinck. There were many others, but I didn’t know everyone there, so I won’t even attempt to list them all. What is so cool is that only other writers understand a writer’s mind, so there is a great commonality among us. Chip McGregor who has his own literary agency, stood up and gave a toast to those that had book signings,and to those that have a new book coming out soon. They were antics at my table once Brandilyn joined us. She never takes herself too seriously, which makes it fun for everyone to poke fun at her and she likewise. Maybe that’s why she makes a good MC at the ACFW conferences. Brandilyn gave me her latest suspense book, Coral Moon of the Kanner Lake Series. I can’t wait to read it. Tricia gave me her latest book about the Spanish Civil War, Valley of Betrayal and you know I love historicals. It was a fabulous start for my week to be among these folks and get encouragement and support that they so freely give. When we got ready to leave I asked if anyone needed a lift to their hotel and met a lovely young woman, Julie Dearyan. We enjoyed her short visit in the car with us and made a new friend.
Thanks Amy for taking care of the details and making this all possible! :)


Amy Wallace said...

You are so welcome, Brenda! I enjoyed meeting you and talking southernisms. (Is that a word? LOL)

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to spend some time with you, Brenda! I look forward to visiting September. Take care!

~Kim S.